About the Process 

The first thing you should know? This isn't going to be like any other portrait session you have ever experienced. Gone are the days in which you show up to a location, have someone snap a few photos, and hope there is something good enough to share.

That angst of selecting a location? I’ve got you covered. I spend hours every season finding the prime locations with amazing light.

Need help with your wardrobe? I have years of color theory education to assist you.

Those dusty CD-ROMS in bins featuring "The Days of Photo-shoots Past?" You won't find that here. I will help you choose which images to keep, and how to properly display them for maximum enjoyment output (yes, that’s a thing. I just made it up.)

To put it simply, I make it....well, simple. I am right there with you, every step of the way: from wardrobe and prop selection, to juggling toddler melt-downs, right up to the moment we hang your finished art on your walls. Still with me? Read on.


That old saying, "If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail?" Yeah, it's true. So step one...let's prep. Your portrait experience includes either an in-home or Skype planning consultation.. During the consult, we will discuss your vision, expectations, and desired finished art pieces. We will also explore location and wardrobe choices, as well as address any questions you many have. This is my opportunity to get to know your interests and style so I can tailor a custom portrait experience specifically to you and your family's personality. If finished wall art is on your list, we will plan around your home decor & color scheme, wall sizes, and any non-negotiable pieces already on your walls - like that sweet bass mount.

There’s also an old saying about things not going according to plan. When we are working with Mother Nature, the weather, children, or other family members, I can almost always guarantee surprises. In your consultation, we will discuss what to expect should the unexpected arise, and have a backup plan for weather.



We made it to the Big Day. I know from personal experience how stressful it can be to prepare for photographs. I have many insider tips and tricks to make portrait day run as smoothly as possible. Try to relax - all you need to do is show up, and I will handle the rest. Your session is going to be fun and unique, and we will probably make many inside jokes that your family will repeat years from now. And as a bonus, I will most likely make a fool of myself as we work out those coveted "real" smiles. But hey, it works. Bottom line: you will enjoy the experience of being photographed almost as much as you will love the finished images.



This is the fun part - viewing your images for the first time! I will be there every step of the way, as we choose your finished portrait pieces!. It is my desire that you receive the best finished art pieces for your needs - whether they be framed canvases hanging in your home, storybook albums that capture every detail of your portrait session, or matted gift prints for your loved ones.

I will schedule your in-person selection and ordering session approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your portrait day. This session can take place in the comfort of your own home (no babysitter needed!) and pajamas are welcome. I can also meet via Skype if you’re out of town. Anyone who is interested in viewing and ordering print products from your session is welcome and encouraged to attend. I will be there guiding and assisting, so you can make the best decision for your investment.




What is your style

Refined artistry and real emotion - I find a delicate balance between my classic, fine-art training and the spontaneous moments that make your family unique. I also want your portraits to be timeless, enjoyed for many generations, so my images are usually clean and natural without additional trendy filters. I love true color and clean light.


I have over 20 years of image finishing experience. I have not only worked my own images, but also those for other professional photographers in our area. This experience has taught me one thing: just because you CAN do something in Photoshop, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I strive to make everyone feel and look good with my posing and lighting, as well as make adjustments to backgrounds and blemishes as needed in the final edit. Mostly, I want you to love the image without knowing that I’ve been there - just call me an editing Ninja.

Prints and Canvases

I specialize in printed wall art. Whether you desire framed museum-quality canvases, contemporary stand-out canvases, modern metal prints, or more traditional textured prints, I have the right product for you. I will even come to your home to help design the perfect wall gallery for your space and style. Gift prints 8x10 and smaller are available with any package purchase.


I am proud to offer archival quality print products that your family will treasure as heirlooms. Each physical print that you order comes with a complimentary social media file - perfect for screen savers, social media, phone, or your blog. Full-resolution, printable files are also available in all-inclusive packages that include physical prints and electronic images with printing licence.


The Investment


…AND If You are Still Reading…


About Kris

“I’m best known for my whimsical and charming family and children’s portraiture, I have over twenty years of photographic experience. My signature style combines technical mastery and emotional moments. I believe my images transcend average snapshots, and become masterfully rendered heirlooms. My work is defined by my pursuit of technical perfection, the relationships I establish with my subjects, and my fine-art background. I will always insist that my greatest assets are my three extremely photogenic children, and my biggest dream is to fly the flag of Rohan at Edoras.”


  • Certified Professional Photographer

  • Master Photographer

  • Photographic Craftsman

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Awards and Accolades:

  • Imaging Excellence Award

  • Kodak Gallery Elite Award

  • Sunset Print Award

  • Diamond Photographer of the Year

  • Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist at International Photographic Competition

  • Master Photographer of the Year