Why finished art is important

If you've made it this far into this journey, you have probably heard me mention my love for finished art. If I were a betting woman, I would put good money on the fact that 99% of you reading this have a CD-ROM, or thumb drive, or a folder on your computer of images that you never printed (I know I do!) Somewhere in this binary code, is evidence of an event in your life. The outfits were picked out months in advance, hair was curled, and expectations may or may not have been met. An investment was made on your part, and that season of your life was frozen in time, hopefully commemorated for generations to come.

And maybe you did print the images, or maybe you’ve lost them (like I did when a lightning bolt killed my data towers). The point is, I feel like it is my duty to provide the highest-quality physical portrait products so if those little pixels blip out, you still have printed proof that you existed.

Art for your walls

My specialty since the beginning has been framed wall art. Nothing thrills me more than walking through my home, with the smiling faces of my family greeting me in every room. I offer three finishes - textured, canvas, and metal, as well as custom framing. Every piece I create is unique and completely customized for you.



A fine-crafted album is without a doubt the best way to preserve your entire portrait experience. I love how albums take up relatively less real estate in your home, but also give you so much value per image. I have two album lines - the Storybook album, and the Elite album (which includes your electronic files and a print release.) My kids will quite often sit down together (with the screens off, if you can believe it!) with an album spread across all their laps, laughing at days gone by, I can’t think of any instance they have sat at a computer together looking at old images.


Gifts and keepsakes

Everyone you know is going to want a copy of your beautiful portraits. We also offer fully-matted gift prints in sizes 8x10 or smaller, custom greetings cards, and other fun portrait products.


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