Lavender’s Hot, dilly, dilly…

Everyone knows the lavender fields in Mona, owned by Young Living Family Farm are a unique, beautiful location for portraits every June/July. But I’m starting to wonder if they are worth the hassle.


Firstly, in order to secure reservations, one needs to call in January/February when they open their calendar, and it’s first-come-first-served. It’s like trying for a hiking permit to the Wave, and I never know how many sessions to purchase.

This year, they also changed their hours. No longer are we able to stay until sunset - when the lighting gets good. I understand it’s for security reasons, but really, standing out in an open field in the middle of July with no shade isn’t what I’d call stacking the deck in your favor. At any rate, even though we had scorching heat and were all sweating rivers, the Belcher family were darn good to face it all with cheerful faces and burning retinas. And if I hadn’t just told you about what a chore it was, you’d never have guessed by their images.

The key is making your own shade with a scrim or parabolic, and then adding flash to fill in those shadows. I was grateful I knew harsh lighting techniques, and that they were willing to face full sun for some. I love the natural feel - and there truly is nothing that compares to lavender and sky!

The kids walking and piggy-backing through the fields is one of my all-time favorite. Also worthy of mention are the park gardens. I have done a couple sessions in their actual park, and it is absolutely beautiful - shady and gorgeously landscaped. We finished our session in the cool shade, and there is still plenty of lavender and other colors. I actually love it there.

Anyway, what do you think? Is this location worth the effort? Should I pick up any sessions next season?