Thor’s Judgement

All-Inclusive Photography Packages

Our family has been obsessed with the Avengers all year. We absolutely LOVED Endgame, and have seen it 4 times in the theaters thus far. One of my all-time favorite Marvel movies is Thor, Ragnarok. I even have a playlist of songs that is dedicated to the God of Thunder. I absolutely LOVE what they did with Thor’s character in Endgame, and I can not wait for the next Thor movie coming out in 2021: Love and Thunder.

All this considered, I must still be categorized as “not worthy”, because Thor decided to wreak havoc on our home via a lightning strike to our trees on April 26th this year. We lost all sorts of random electronics in our home: garage door opener, furnace transformer, treadmill, internet router… but the biggest loss was my two 5-drive raid towers with all my data and back-ups for my personal and client photos for the past two years. All of my back-up systems in place were completely useless in the face of one lightning bolt, and I am still waiting to find out if the data recovery team at DriveSavers can retract anything. I am remaining optimistic, however, and moving forward with online backup systems.

This experience has left me wondering how to best serve my clients in the future. I started photography in the late 90’s with film, and so most of my clients are print people. They recognize the value of a tangible product that is professionally crafted and displayed in their homes. I also have a few clients who want the printing rights and electronic images for publishing and archiving purposes. And the thought of my clients having a digital backup system of their images is very appealing to me after Thor’s shenanigans this spring. After pondering the issue for a few months, I have decided to offer all-inclusive packages that have both printed portraits as well as electronic files with licensing.

The first is this beautiful Keepsake Box. Each box comes with 5, 10, 15, or 20 portrait cards that are easily kept together as a set, or separated and framed for gifts or display. Also included are the electronic images and printing license. 

The other all-inclusive package I offer is an absolutely gorgeous and meticulously-crafted album with storage box and electronic images. Both the keepsake box and this album are crafted in Europe and are the best-quality product I have found while hunting the trade-show floors of conventions for years. The album has silk pages that feel like fabric rather than paper, and the binding is solid and crisp. Can you tell I’m drooling?

You can combine either the Keepsake Box or the Elite Album with any additional framed art pieces for your home. It’s a win-win for me and for you and your future generations. And please, PLEASE, for the love of Thor, print your family photos! I may have lost two years of our lives, and it’s physically painful for me. Lesson learned.

PS - Princess Leia kitty approves of this message.