We are Better Together


We are Better Together | Red Butte Gardens Family Portraits

There are some families that know the value of sharing the same photographic space together, and none more than the Little family. I met Heather Little Pickett through the Intermountain Professional Photographer association, and have since counted her among my best friends.


Her sense of style and color theory has always been en pointe, so she said she’d cover the wardrobe selection. When we were meeting with her mom, Laurie, and planning out their family portraits, they showed me albums and wall portraits of various ages - treasures to be sure.


We all decided that for the album, we needed another photographer there to capture some loose, documentary moments, while I could focus on the detailed posed portraits. Enter Mary Kim Oswald who is like my soul’s twin and a truly inspiring photographer herself.


So if you’re keeping track, that’s three professionals on one portrait session. And we had two assistants - our daughters - and I’m telling you, I would have a crew of five on every session if I could! The results were an easy-going session, where the kids could roam around the beautiful Red Butte Gardens while we were creating portraits.

The family then ended the evening with Laurie’s Pinterest-worthy Root Beer floats, and I think the experience will remain a positive memory for everyone - even Great Grandma (heh heh).


When I think back on this session, and why it turned out so well, I know it was due to the planning put in by Laurie and Heather. But it was also having the luxury of a gorgeous location with the right lighting - something that doesn’t always happen. And with Mary Kim there to fill in the gaps for the album, it was kind of a perfect storm. I want to do it again.


Oh yeah, and Mary Kim got this awesome Behind the Scenes shot of me launching Olaf for laughs. I love how ridiculous I can be for kids!